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As a Project Manager with some 40 years experience in dealing with consultants in all disciplines, the writer has no hesitation in saying that it was a real pleasure to work with Ann Leung and her staff at Cocoon Design Pty Ltd.

Ann Leung’s main strengths can be summarized as follows:

The writer has no hesitation in commending the architectural and interior design services of Cocoon Design Pty Ltd.

Yours faithfully,

Ian Frankland

Cocoon have undertaken architectural services on behalf of the Family Court of Australia (FiCoA) for numerous works ranging from low value to the recent completion of a high value refit at the Brisbane Commonwealth Law Courts.

In undertaking any works for the Courts there is a range of sensitivities to manage, which is beyond the scope of most standard office fit outs. Extensive consultation is required with the judiciary when undertaking works for the Courts. Cocoon’s management of this aspect of projects is exemplary.

One area that is consistent across all the projects that Cocoon has undertaken for the Courts is that of budget management. The value for money criteria is foremost in their methodology. This is reflected by all projects being delivered both within time and notably within budget. Project variations have been minimal and this reflects an excellence in design documentation.

In the current climate of sustainability being high on the agenda of Government, Cocoon drives this ideology through all aspects of their architectural services.

1 can not recommend Cocoon highly enough their responsiveness, communication and attention to detail, combined with budget management is unique in today’s market.

Yours sincerely,

Akasha Atkinson

National Property Manager Family Court of Australia

I am a project manager with the Property and Facilities Division of the University of Queensland and have worked with Ann Leung of Cocoon Design for nearly four years on numerous projects.

The outcome has always been successful with all of the clients requesting Cocoon for their future projects. Ann is particularly good at recognizing and interpreting the clients’ needs and goals from the outset. She is also well regarded by contractors for her clear documentation, fairness and the ability to quickly resolve any on site issues.
All of the projects I have worked on with her have remained within the allocated budget and have been completed in a timely manner.

I highly recommend her architectural services.

Yours faithfully,

Robyn McDougall

Construction Project Manager